The wonders of World Nomads

There is a reason why World Nomads have been rated especially by backpackers worldwide as the best travel insurance company out there. An official partner to the Lonely Planet, this Norway-based insurance company is easily accessible online, offering a complete range of covers from medical, death, legal issues, to extreme sports. Users can easily pick, choose and design the insurance package that they need by clicking on the relevant covers, therefore avoiding paying extra for things they don’t need.

To purchase a world nomad travel insurance package, one just needs to sign up as a member in the world nomads website. Once you get your account, everything else is pretty basic. Selecting and purchasing your travel insurance could not be made easier. From wherever you are in the world (with good internet connection), you are able to log in and purchase an insurance on the spot. World Nomads even claim as the only insurance company that allows travelers to purchase insurance when they have actually embarked on their trip! Same goes for extending your insurance policies – everything can be easily and swiftly done online.

Upon claiming your cover, you can call their hotline (open twenty-four hours worldwide) or submitting your claim through your account as well. Proofs to verify your claim can be mailed over to their headquarter directly or scanned and sent as e-mail attachment.  And how about the cost? Extremely reasonable with maximum benefits, because instead of allocating the amount of money they will reimburse you, they allow you to choose your own medical treatment and reimburse 100% accordingly.

So instead of paying extra in commission for travel agent, it is better that you purchase your policy directly online. Be sure to read all the fine prints and understand your policy fully before making your payment!

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