Travel insurance gives you extra security against terrorism

Cautionary tales on travelling gone wrong without insurance are widely available online. Whether it is forgetting the cover for cancellation, emergencies, loss of valuables, or anything else – there is a hefty price to pay when you face misfortune along the way.

The spectre of international terrorism has brought the threats of travelling to a different level.  Whether it’s bombing in hotels, embassies, or public transportations – westerners are especially at risk of being the target of this devastating crime. An Amsterdam girl was in Bali in 2005, when the bombing happened. She was at the proximity of the location and thus suffered minor injuries from the flying mortars. However she had purchased a complete travel insurance which covered emergency cases such as terrorist attacks or natural disaster. The travel insurance company swiftly covers for her medical expenses in Bali and flew her back to Amsterdam to her family.

It is definitely wiser to protect yourself with affordable, yet reliable travel insurance package researched and purchased online before embarking on any trip. Be sure to renew it if you want to prolong your travel and read all the fine prints before making your payment!

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