Common travel accidents in America

Accidents cause 20% of all deaths among overseas travellers – the second most common cause after heart disease (68%) and the most common cause in people in their 20s and 30s. Usually accidents can occur through personal violence, accidental injury, or road accidents. Here are some of the most common travel accidents happening in America:

1. Accident from drunk driving

With the liberal coupled of alcohol and less than stringent laws, drunk driving cases become prevalent all over the continent. Be really careful when crossing the road or driving at night. You might just become the unlucky tourist who stands in the way of a drunk driver!

2. Armed robbery

Armed robbery sometimes happen in the more risky urban areas in North, Central, and South America. In order to prevent being victimised from armed robbery, try to avoid going out alone at night. If possible, try to escape from suspicious vehicles following you and making signals for you to stop!

3. Gang Violence

Gang violence usually happen as a result of long-drawn feud between different ethnic groups in urban area. Although rarely do the perpetrators attack tourists, sometimes you might just be the hapless person who stands in the middle of a lethal feud! Avoid going to isolated and suspicious places unless really necessary.

4. Falling on slippery pathways

In winter time, road becomes extra slippery from melting snow and layers of ice. Tourists coming from two-season region might not be accustomed to this situation and consequently suffer from a fall. Wear anti-slip footwear when going out on snowy days and pay extra attention on where you step!

5. Car hijacking

A lot of tourists embarking on long road trips in North America are easy targets for car hijacking. Try to avoid picking up hitch-hikers along the way (no matter how pitiful he or she may look), unless you are one hundred per cent sure you will be able to protect yourself if the worst case scenarion happens.

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