The boon of holiday protection insurance

With more than 50 independent airlines worldwide went out of business in the last few years, it’s never been more important to ensure that you are properly protected for any flights that you book!

A growing number of travellers are increasingly avoiding traditional all-in-one travel, flight, and travel insurance package deals in favour of making their own travel arrangements. Cutting out travel agents to book every component of your travel plan separately may prove much cheaper than blindly purchasing the whole package, but sometimes it will mean that you won’t be automatically covered by government’s insurance scheme in the occasion that your airline goes bankrupt.

Unless your standard travel insurance policy has a specific supplier failure clause or includes Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI), then purchasing separate holiday protection insurance is the easiest and most cost-effective way to give yourself a peace of mind just in case the worst is to happen.


What can holiday protection insurance cover?

Holiday protection insurance safeguards you if your airline, accommodation provider or any other supplier involved in your trip goes bust, before or during your trip. The plan will cover:

  • Flights.
  • Hotels and other types of accommodation, including camping and caravanning.
  • Car hire.
  • Ferry, rail or coach journeys.
  • Cruises.
  • Any local tours, excursions or visits to other tourist attractions you may have booked.
  • Etc.

You will get a full refund if any of your holiday provider and airline goes bust before the trip. It will also help cover the cost of any unscheduled arrangements you need to make, such as booking different return flights, in the case that one of your suppliers declares bankruptcy while you are still on holiday.

It never hurts to be extra safe. Holiday protection insurance is the last piece of metal that will complete your shiny travelling security armour.

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