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All About Travelling to South Africa

South Africa… famous for hosting the 2010 World Cup, the country is known to differ greatly from most of its African counterparts. Renowned for its wine and the status as the world’s largest producer of gold, South Africa is rather advanced in its social, economical, and political development. Travelling to South Africa is not only…

5 Best Value Destination in Africa

Worried about pricey travelling cost? You can easily get away with budget trip by choosing your destination and plan your itinerary carefully. Hence, those extra bucks you have saved could be used for purchasing the best travel insurance deals to secure your travel experience! Here are the five value destinations in Africa that are totally…

Travel insurance to South Africa | Cheap holiday insurance with immediate cover

You are traveling to South Africa and you plan to get a cheap travel insurance for your trip to South Africa. Select a good travel insurance price from well-known travel insurance institutions such as Mondial Assistance. We only review the greatest travel insurance contracts for a short or long stay in South Africa. Johannesburg is…

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