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When Do You Need Long Stay Travel Insurance?

Short holidays can be very wasteful if you are going to faraway destinations. If two weeks time is not enough, then you may want to consider taking long stay holiday insurance to cover you for your extended travels. Sometimes referred to as backpackers insurance, long stay travel insurance typically covers you for travel over a…

Get Your Travel Insurance While Driving

If you are travelling overseas this year and plan to drive while you are there, make sure you get adequate travel insurance to cover you and your family. More and  more people are travelling from one country to another – for example Canadians travelling to the USA and vice versa for short holiday trips. Both…

Travel Insurance When Working Abroad

There are many types of insurance that will cover you for working abroad. Many travellers will combine travelling with work as a means of supporting themselves. Slightly different from business cover is insurance to cover you for working abroad. Many travellers will combine travelling with work as a means of supporting themselves, especially when on…

Protecting Your Holiday Without Package Deal Travel Insurance

Many people now opt to book individual aspects of their holiday, such as flights and accommodation, separately. But doing so makes it even more essential that you have the appropriate insurance in place to cover you, just in case the worst happens and your airline or travel company goes out of business. Here are a…

Spotting the Gaps in Buying Gap Years Travel Insurance

The benefits of taking gap year are priceless. Mingling with locals in completely new environment, working around people from diverse background, immersing yourself in exotic culture … what could possibly go wrong with taking a gap year?  Everything, actually. It is universally understood that the longer your travelling period is, the more risks and possibility…

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