Words of Advice on Kidnapping Overseas

Kidnapping can be terrifying and intimidating, especially if it happens to you when you are travelling to a foreign country! But as long as you stay calm and composed you will be able to cope with the situation. Remember they will not harm you too readily – you will be more useful to them being alive rather than dead!

You may be blindfolded, drugged, handled roughly, or even stuffed in the trunk of a car. If drugs are administered, do not resist. Their purpose will be to sedate you and make you more manageable; these same drugs may actually help you to get control of your emotions, which should be your immediate goal. If conscious, follow your captors’ instructions.

Your best defense is really passive cooperation. You may be terrified, but try to regain your composure as soon as possible and to organize your thoughts. Being able to behave rationally increases your chances for survival. The longer you are held captive, the higher the chance for you to be released alive!

In order to secure minimum protection when you are travelling to high-risk destination, it is always best to back yourself with a good travel insurance package. Complete travel insurance will cover your medical charges if you get hurt, evacuate you back to your home country, and redeem your valuable losses when travelling!

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