Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Thousands of tourists flock down to the snowy mountain sides of Europe and North America to engage in some cool winter sports. The popularity of winter sports has indeed boomed over recent years with the advance in transportation technology and increasing ease in worldwide advertisings. However, with each thrill and excitement, along come risk and danger. Consequently, most basic travel insurance policies do not usually cover winter sports.

Special winter sports travel insurance will cover you not only for on-piste injuries, but also for lost or stolen property, and damaged equipment. Even better, most policies even cover you for damaged or lost luggage, and cancellation of your trip due to unexpected interruptions and delays.

Upon renting ski or snowboard equipment, you must make sure that you have fully read and understood all the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy. Look out for fine prints and complicated wordings. Certain policies might only cover you for limited circumstances. Winter sports with higher risk such as off-piste skiing, heli-skiing, or tobogganing are unlikely to be covered by basic policies. Engaging in these sports requires an upgrade in your premium charge.

But most importantly, never forget to do extensive research on the type of insurance that best fits you.

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