When Do You Need Long Stay Travel Insurance?

Short holidays can be very wasteful if you are going to faraway destinations. If two weeks time is not enough, then you may want to consider taking long stay holiday insurance to cover you for your extended travels.

Sometimes referred to as backpackers insurance, long stay travel insurance typically covers you for travel over a longer period of time, often for visits to multiple countries. Whether you are a student in your gap year looking to trek the globe or just taking a career break to do some travelling, it is important to ensure that you are comprehensively covered for trip by taking out a long stay holiday insurance policy.

Long term travel insurance policies are tailored to the more specific needs of travelling over an extended period of time. They typically cover you for up to 12 months travel, some with return home cover during your trip, or sports and activities cover if you are looking for some adventure. Some providers are also offering free cover for children if you are taking the family, as well as all the standard travel insurance cover for unexpected circumstances such as cancellation, baggage and medical expenses!


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