Value travel to Europe

Worried about pricey travelling cost? You can easily get away with budget trip by choosing your destination and plan your itinerary carefully. Hence, those extra bucks you have saved could be used for purchasing the best travel insurance deals to secure your travel experience! Europe might be dubbed as the most expensive destination abroad (what’s with all the gourmet food and high-end fashion products), but there are ways to make your European travel surprisingly affordable!

The key is obviously, planning ahead. Upon booking your airline, look out for cheap deals usually offered in airline company-sponsored travel fairs or promotions. Big airlines in London and New York usually offer this kind of deals on regular basis.

Choosing your accommodations do not need to be expensive. In fact, Europe is host to an extensive network of the best backpacker hostels in the world. Staying in backpacker hostels, especially those offering buffet-style-all-you-can-get breakfast is definitely worthier than staying in luxury hostels. First off, the service and cleanliness of the more reliable hostels are no doubt satisfactory. Secondly, you will get the intimate chance to mingle and exchange stories from fellow travellers from all over the world. And the price that you are paying is at most 1/10 of the rates in luxury hostels.  Better still, you can pack some of your breakfast for lunch and save a few dollars to enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam!

When planning your itinerary, be sure to frequent the cheap or free-of-charge tourist destinations. And don’t forget, there is always nature sightseeing, one of the greatest joys of visiting Europe that cost absolutely nothing! Having a simple picnic by the river Seine, or lying down on a meadow with the Alps looming in the distance can be more gratifying and cathartic than walking up and down Harrods to shop for those extra heels you will probably only wear three times in your life!

You see then that with careful planning you will be able to enjoy your travel at very cheap prices, and afford to purchase reliable insurance which will make your journey proceed even more smoothly.

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