Truly Malaysian fun with the right travel insurance

A mix of the modern and the developing, Malaysia is a country that will create an impression of stability on the surface, but store plenty of surprises beyond its hidden corners. Officially the second most developed nation in the Southeast Asia (after Singapore), Malaysia presents a happy mix: there is high-tech infrastructure and things generally work well and more or less on schedule, but prices remain more reasonable. Dangers and crime still lurk around the urban cities, more so than Singapore, although not as big as say, Indonesia. Buying a good travel insurance package will ensure that you enjoy an exciting, peaceful holiday.

Several popular point of interests include the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands (which is famous for its tea plantation), the beach paradise Langkawi archipelago, and Penang, the cultural and cuisine centre of Malaysia. It’s better that you purchase different travel insurance cover that will relate most to your choice of destination. For example travelling to Kuala Lumpur will require a loss-of-valuables cover, as robbery and pickpockets are still quite common on the streets. Penang on the other hand, is generally safer, though purchasing travel insurance will never do you any harm – as cases of theft and losses are not really that unheard of. Embarking on outdoor activities in Cameron Highlands and Langkawi will require another cover for sports and injuries.

Whatever package you decide to buy, just make sure that you have done thorough research to review and compare the best travel insurance that is tailored for your trip!

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