Travelling Safely to the Beach Paradise

The Caribbeans… they’ve long been known as a resort vacation destination for honeymooners and retirees, but a small movement toward eco-tourism and backpacking has started to open up the Caribbean to more independent travel.  Crime rate is extremely low in this beach paradise, however one must be especially cautious of water sport injuries. Shark attacks and other water-related incidents were not unheard of in the past, and it will be always better for one to purchase a relevant travel insurance cover before travelling to the Caribbeans.

The Bahamas, the Bermudas, and Cayman Islands are famous holiday destinations (and safety vaults to hoard riches, so the rumour says) for the elites of the world. However, the backpackers also frequent the Caribbean – and they are commonly found in the less posh tourism spots such as Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, Jardines del Ray, and San Juan National Historic Site. Among the swimming and sun-bathing, surfing and cruising, try to stay safe by staying out from the high tide when it gets dark and look after your valuable possessions. The Caribbeans is also home to a vast range of exotic cuisine, and those with weak stomachs must be prepared against food poisoning. A good medical travel insurance cover will get you the best medical treatment should you experience any misfortune.

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