Take a travel insurance and travel safe to Zimbabwe

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Wait before you begin to plan your holiday in Zimbabwe take a few seconds to find information on the potential risks of this country

In Zimbabwe crime is a serious problem, driven by the country’s depressed economic conditions. Western citizens and other foreigners are perceived to be wealthy and are frequently targeted by criminals who operate in the vicinity of hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas of major cities and tourist areas such as Victoria Falls. Although the majority of crimes in Zimbabwe are non-violent, perpetrators are generally armed with weapons, which can include firearms. The downtown sectors of Harare, and its high density residential suburbs, are particularly high-crime areas and a number of western citizen visitors have been assaulted or robbed. Travelers should always secure their luggage, particularly in public areas such as airports and bus stops, purse-snatchers will often work in teams of two, with one person acting as a diversion. A typical mugging involves a group of young males who surround and overwhelm their victim in a public area. Avoid displaying or carrying unnecessary valuables, such as expensive jewelry, and do not carry large sums of money. Cell phones are of particular interest to local thieves. Always secure items such as passports, money, jewelry, and credit cards in hotel safety deposit boxes or safes when not being used.

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