Traveling safe to Ukraine: take a good travel insurance

Do you really need this travel insurance? Wait before you start designing your trip to Ukraine take a few minutes to find information on the potential risks of this country

In Ukraine street crime remains a serious problem. The country continues to undergo significant economic, political, and social transformation, and income differences have grown accordingly. As a result, you and other foreign visitors may be perceived as wealthy and as easy targets for criminals. Western citizens often stand out in Ukraine, and are therefore more likely to be targeted than in Western European countries, where incomes are higher and citizens may blend in better. The police are poorly paid, motivated, trained, and equipped, and also are considered to be one of the most corrupt organizations in Ukraine. Ukrainian police and emergency services remain generally below Western European and U.S. standards in terms of training, responsiveness, and effectiveness. Many citizens have reported waiting up to several hours for Ukrainian police and ambulance services to respond to calls for emergency assistance. Ukrainian law enforcement provides no adequate level of deterrence to street crime, and is not able to investigate crimes to any minimal level expected in Western countries. Ukrainian law enforcement and emergency officials rarely speak English and interpreters are not readily available.

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