Traveling safe to South Korea: why take a travel insurance ?

Do you really need a travel insurance? Just before you begin to craft your trip to South Korea take a few minutes to find information on the potential risks of this country

In South Korea the crime rate in the Republic is low. However, pick-pocketing, purse snatching, assault, hotel room and residential burglary, and residential crime occur more frequently in major metropolitan areas–such as Seoul and Busan–than elsewhere in the Republic of Korea. Itaewon, Shinchon, Myeongdong, and Hongdae are well known entertainment and shopping districts in Seoul in which crowds, alcohol, and a higher prevalence of drug activity can also present a higher risk for crime. Please use caution in all crowded entertainment, nightlife, and shopping districts throughout Korea. Recently, a small number of incidents involving travelers have included allegations of physical and sexual assault, drugs slipped into drinks, and thefts of purses or wallets. Bar and street fights, as well as occasional harassment of Westerners, have also been reported in nightlife districts in Seoul. Exercise caution when traveling alone at night and use only legitimate taxis or public transportation. Reduce the likelihood of becoming a crime victim by exercising the same type of security precautions you would take when visiting any large city in the United States.

This information in mind take the time to choose your travel insurance with care.

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