Traveling safe to South Africa: why take a travel insurance ?

Do you really need a travel insurance? Just before you begin to craft your travel to South Africa take a few moments to find information on the habits and customs of this country

In South Africa If visiting it’s expansive coastline, be mindful of the possible presence of sharks when swimming or engaging in water sports. In 2010, at the Fish Hoek beach, and in 2005 and 2006 in the False Bay area of the Western Cape, several people were attacked by sharks; some of the attacks were fatal. When a shark is spotted close to the shore, local authorities will sound a warning siren to notify swimmers. Tragic accidents can occur when swimming in the ocean or walking/climbing on shore areas that are not designated beaches. Visitors from the United States and elsewhere have drowned when swimming in coastal waters, where tides and wave patterns can change unexpectedly and overwhelm even excellent swimmers. Do not swim alone in isolated beach areas. Do not dive into unknown bodies of water, as hidden rocks or shallow depths can cause serious injury or death.

This information in mind take the appropriate time to choose your travel insurance with care.

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