Traveling safe to Russia: should you take a travel insurance?

Do you really need a travel insurance? Before you begin to craft your holiday in Russia take a few seconds to find information on the potential problems with that country

In Russia travelers have generally found it safer to travel in groups organized by reputable tour agencies. We discourage the use of unmarked taxis as passengers have been victims of robbery, kidnapping, extortion, and theft. The criminals using these taxis to rob passengers often wait outside bars or restaurants to find passengers who have been drinking and are therefore more susceptible to robbery. Robberies may also occur in taxis shared with strangers. Although there are few registered taxi services in Russia, you should always use authorized services when arriving at a major airport. A common street scam in Russia is the “turkey drop” in which an individual “accidentally” drops money on the ground in front of an intended victim, while an accomplice either waits for the money to be picked up, or picks up the money him/herself and offers to split it with the pedestrian. The individual who dropped the currency then returns, aggressively accusing both of stealing the money. This confrontation generally results in the pedestrian’s money being stolen. Avoidance is the best defense. Do not get trapped into picking up the money, and walk quickly away from the scene. To avoid highway crime, try not to drive at night, especially when alone, and do not sleep in your vehicle on the side of the road. Do not pick up hitchhikers; they pose a threat to your physical safety and also put you in danger of being arrested for unwittingly transporting narcotics.

This information now known take the time to choose your travel insurance with care.

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