Traveling safe to Mexico: should you take a travel insurance?

Do you really need a travel insurance? Before you begin to craft your holiday in Mexico take a few minutes to find information on the customs of this country

In Mexico , business travelers should be aware that theft can occur even in apparently secure locations. Theft of items such as briefcases and laptops occur frequently at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport and at business-class hotels. Passengers arriving at Mexican airports who need to obtain pesos should use the exchange counters or ATMs in the arrival/departure gate area, where access is restricted, rather than changing money after passing through Customs, where they can be observed by criminals. A number of travelers have been arrested for passing on counterfeit currency they had earlier received in change. If you receive what you believe to be a counterfeit bank note, bring it to the attention of Mexican law enforcement.

This information in mind just take the time to choose your travel insurance with care.

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