Traveling safe to Malaysia: is a travel insurance necessary?

Do you need a travel insurance? Before you start designing your trip to Malaysia take a few moments to find information on the habits and customs of this country

In Malaysia you should use credit cards only at reputable establishments, and you should closely safeguard your credit card numbers at all times. Credit card fraud continues to be a problem in the region, although enhanced technology has reduced reported instances of fraud. Unauthorized charges may not show on a credit card account for several months but can unexpectedly appear in amounts of $5,000 or more. One of the more common methods is for retailers to swipe the credit card under the counter where a machine containing a mobile phone SIM card receives the card’s information and transmits it to a criminal organization for reproduction. You should watch retailers closely and any “under the table” transactions should be reported to the local police. In some cases, sophisticated criminal organizations have tapped into data lines emanating from retail establishments. Credit card information is then stolen while it is being transmitted to financial institutions. If you must use a credit card in Malaysia, you should check your account information frequently for fraudulent charges. ATM cards are safer as long as the machines where they are used are associated with reputable Malaysian banks. Also, keep in mind that personal identification numbers (PINs) in Malaysia are 6 digits long. Some travelers have reported having difficulty retrieving cash from ATMs using 4-digit PINs, while others have been successful.

This information in mind just take the time to choose your travel insurance with care.

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