Traveling safe to Egypt: is a travel insurance necessary?

Do you need a travel insurance? Before you begin to craft your holiday in Egypt take a few seconds to find information on the potential risks of this country

In Egypt , since the January revolution, there have been increased reports of crime. While the majority of incidents reported are crimes of opportunity, such as purse snatching and theft, there is growing concern of more serious incidents that involve weapons, including carjackings. There have been multiple reports of a motorcyclist or vehicle driving by a pedestrian and grabbing a purse or other valuables. Travelers are advised to carry cellular telephones in a pocket rather than on a belt or in a purse. Avoid wearing headphones, which make the bearer more vulnerable and readily advertise the presence of a valuable item. Limit or avoid display of jewelry; it attracts attention and could prompt a robbery attempt. Limit cash and credit cards carried on your person. Be sure to store valuables, wallet items, and passports in a safe place.Travelers are strongly cautioned not to leave valuables such as cash, jewelry, and electronic items unsecured in hotel rooms or unattended in public places. Unescorted women are vulnerable to sexual harassment and verbal abuse. Embassies have received increasing reports over the last several months of foreigners being sexually groped in taxis and in public places. Travelers are cautioned to be aware of their surroundings and to be cautious going anywhere with a stranger alone.

With all that in mind just take the time to choose your travel insurance with care.

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