Skiing more confidently with travel insurance

We all know the importance of travel insurance, especially when one engages in high-risk activities like skiing. Therefore before jetting off on your winter ski holiday make sure you book special cover costumized for your individual needs.

Ski travel insurance still covers you for all that you would expect from a standard travel insurance policy, including baggage cover and trip cancellation costs. But what makes it different is that the insurance also covers for other expenses associated with a ski holiday,


Many policies cover for medical emergencies including piste rescue, personal liability, loss of ski passes, and loss of ski equipment – whether it is hired or owned. Consider whether you want insurance for skiing in the USA, Europe or beyond and whether you are taking a single trip or going for the season. Check your policy to ensure it provides cover for all the things that you want to do including other sports such as snowboarding and off -piste skiing.

Many insurers will offer some other services, such as annual ski insurance, and family ski insurance. With a choice of providers offering cheap ski insurance policies there is no excuse to be without one, so use your best online research skills to find the best ski insurance for you.

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