Requirement for the North Pole Challenge: A good travel insurance

The North Pole, the northernmost point in the world, and it can only be reached on expeditions specifically mounted for the purpose. Most travel primarily by air, sometimes with a component traversing the last leg of the journey on the ice. The other alternative is travelling by boat, on an ice-breaker cutting through the Arctic Ocean. Venturing to the unknown realm of bitter cold and heavy isolation definitely requires plenty of courage, determination, and a good travel insurance package!

NorthPoleInsuranceThe ice terrain at the North Pole tends to be rather flat, though some interesting formations of snow and ice can be found. There’s only one protracted sunrise and sunset each year (which will not be during your visit). Tour operators stick a sign pole into the ice, but that’s unofficial and purely for photographic purposes. Despite their name, polar bears don’t usually venture this far north (preferring the southern “coastal” parts of the Arctic ice cap, with better swimming opportunities.) There are few formal recreational opportunities at the North Pole. Each year, however, there is a marathon foot race called the North Pole Marathon organized by Polar Running Adventures. The single most important travel insurance cover that you have to purchase if you are taking holiday to the North Pole is the medical and evacuation insurance. As anything might happen to you in the midst of white isolation of the North Pole, it will be best if you can guarantee your safe exit evacuation back to your home country.

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