What might ruin your African vacation

Taking a vacation is always associated with positive and fun connotation, and usually people are reluctant to prepare for the worst. However, it is indeed true that the world has never been a safe place. No matter where you travel, there is always a danger of facing misfortune along the way. So buckle up, brace yourself, and purchase a reliable travel insurance package that will cover you for your mishaps. Just to give you some ideas, here are some common setbacks when you are travelling to Africa :

1. Exotic Disease

Africa has been quite notorious for life-threatening diseases that result from backward healthcare system, poor hygiene, and harsh living condition. From the scary sleeping sickness to malaria to AIDS prevalence, need I say more? It’s better to arm yourself with a medical cover that will at least pay for your medical expenses if you fall sick in Africa.

2. Food and Water Poisoning

Again, poor hygiene makes you vulnerable to food and water poisoning. Having severe diarrhoea while travelling is not a pretty experience, especially if it cuts on your savings because you need to be hospitalised. Avoid drinking from tap water or river and stay away from suspicious-looking eating places!

3. Crime

The absence of strict implementation of the rule of law due to unstable political system in some African countries result in it being one of the most dangerous destinations on earth. Anything from mugging to gang violence, armed robbery to ethnic clash might destroy your vacation altogether. Travel in group and stay away from isolated areas after dark!

4. Wildlife Attack

Africa is famous as the destination for safari. However enchanting and exciting this might sound, please don’t go overboard in your joy and mess with the wildlife of Africa. They are called “wild” for a very good reason. Cases whereby visitors are mauled by angry monkeys or lions are not unheard of!


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