Middle East’s most popular destinations

Middle EastIf you were looking for fun and excitement in Middle East, where would you want to travel? With the right travel insurance package, you will be protected to travel to almost any place on earth! As the warm-up, here are the Middle East’s top tourism destinations :

Petra, Jordan

The magnificent Petra is carved out of red sandstone that sparkles in pink sheen across the mountainous terrain. Petra has long become the number one destination in Jordan for tourists and pilgrims alike.


Lebanon is a country with a long and rich history. Roman ruins are scattered about the country and are easily accessible to tourists. Once called Switzerland and Paris of the East, Lebanon is home to a range of world class amenities and entertainment. Although the recent war has somewhat reduced Lebanon attractiveness to the tourists, it is still a highly sought-after country in Middle East. Just to be extra safe, it will never harm you to be protected with a reliable travel insurance cover.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is essentially a desert city with superb infrastructure, liberal policies (by regional standards), that became popular for its excellent tourist amenities. It is a city of superlatives: for the fastest, biggest, tallest, largest and highest, Dubai is the destination. It has the largest immigrant population in the world. As travelling to Dubai might cut significantly into your savings, it is always better to get a good travel insurance package that can protect you against cancellations and interruptions.


Country of varied holiday choice, Turkey’s charming shores have been contested over for hundreds of years and it wasn’t just the pretty coastline and warm Mediterranean waters Alexander the Great, the Trojans and the Ottoman Empire were fighting for – Turkey will surprise you with hidden corners full of exotic attractions and priceless treasure!\

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a rapidly growing city in the midst of an exciting transition from medium-sized urban center to bustling international metropolis. It’s the city that many Israelis think of as their New York. While the comparison was once a stretch – and indeed Tel Aviv is still a fraction of New York’s size – Tel Aviv’s booming population, energy, edginess and 24-hour life give the city a cosmopolitan flair comparable to few other cities in this part of the world.

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