Legal Expenses Cover in Travel Insurance

Legal cover will account for a set amount towards any legal costs incurred from death, illness or injury caused by a third party during your trip abroad.

Insurance policies will not provide cover for legal expenses that:

  • Are against the insurance provider itself, a travel agent or a tour operator
  • Are resulting from injury or accident due to your business
  • Arose from a criminal or malicious act on your part

Be sure to check your insurance provider’s small print very carefully for conditions of legal cover.

Personal liability

Certain other insurance policies may pay you up to a set limit if you are found to be legally liable for accidental loss or damage of someone else’s well being or possession

This will not be valid if:

  • The person is an employee or family member
  • The damage came about due to your business
  • The damage arose from a criminal or malicious act on your part

Again, be sure to check the small print for more information on what you will be covered for under a personal liability clause. Any exclusion of coverage should be shown clearly on your policy – this is especially important if hiring out motor or sporting equipment.

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