Getting Short Stay Travel Insurance For Maximum Protection

Short stay insurance, also known as single-trip travel insurance is an affordable option for those looking to cover just a single holiday or trip. The insurance provides cover for the duration of the trip only for a limited number of days.

Many providers offer you the choice to adjust the policy by specifying the exact number of your travelling days and removing some of the cover you may not need. This way, you will keep your premium as low as possible.

So what does your short stay travel insurance cover? All the basics, like events of travel cancellation, lost of luggage, and medical expenses. However some insurers will also offer the option of adding your premium to include extra cover for certain activities such as winter sports or accepting existing medical conditions.

Various different policies give you the option to take short stay insurance as an individual, couple or as a group. It is definitely a cheaper option if you are looking to go away once a year on holiday. For certain groups of people, such as the over 65’s, a short stay insurance policy may also be more cost effective because obtaining an annual multi trip policy may be difficult or expensive for them.

However, for those who plan to take 3 or more trips throughout the year, annual multi trip policy will be a better option.

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