Get your Travel Insurance While Driving

If you are travelling overseas this year and plan to drive while you are there, make sure you get adequate travel insurance to cover you and your family. More and  more people are travelling from one country to another – for example Canadians travelling to the USA and vice versa for short holiday trips. Both citizens should make sure that their car insurance covers them while outside their respective country. Furthermore, they should also remember to obtain sufficient travel medical insurance to cover potentially huge hospital and evacuation fees should one become sick or suffer a car accident. If you are renting a car at your destination, you should make sure that you obtain a rental car insurance if your credit card does not provide adequate protection. Most car rental companies also offer insurance, but the price tends to be quite steep.

For people travelling to countries where the rules of the road are sketchy or non-existent, you should definitely make sure you are covered should you have an accident. Some countries, especially in the developed world, are notorious for their dangerous roads and terrible drivers. Driving standards and road habits will vary enormously from one country to another.

You may also need international driving license in certain countries, so check ahead with the car supplier on that particular country’s requirements. Some travel insurance companies will offer you international breakdown and recovery policies.

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