Funny Travel Insurance Claim

Crazy stories on funny travelling stories are abundant out there. Travel plans aborted due to insect bites, or averse stomach reaction due to eating strange creatures – we’ve heard all of that. While these stories might be entertaining, they serve as a cautionary tales for travelers embarking on trips without purchasing travel insurance! One of the funniest travel claim stories heard by insurance company involves a parachute, a dog, and a tent :

Sam was travelling with his wife and children on a camping trip. After they had set up their tents and made campfire, they settled into some quality time eating their packed dinner while chatting and joking away. Nighttime came, and the children retreated to their tent from the full day’s hard work.

Sam and his wife saw this as the opportunity to spend their own “quality time” beneath the romantic night stars. Just as they began to undress each other, there was a loud whoosing sound shooting down from the sky, and the next minute, a parachuter complete with its parachute and full uniform landed smack on top of their tent, smashing almost virtually everything underneath. The couple screamed their hearts out. The children were jolted awake and contributed to the screaming fest. The parachuter screamed in joy that he managed to survive the fall. In the midst of the chaotic brouhaha, another whoosing sound was heard, and another parachute landed on the grass a few metres away with a loud thud. A dog cage attached on a parachute. The cage door swung opened from the collision and a petite spaniel emerged shakily, barking twice at the stunned onlookers. Everybody was silent for a moment before breaking into hysterical laughs.

As it turned out, a private passenger plane flying above the region had machine failures, and its passengers escaped by parachuting to the ground. Crazy as it may sound, it’s really lucky that the family did not suffer any injury from the absurd incident. Moreover, thanks to their travel insurance cover, they are reimbursed for their ruined camping equipment!

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