What To Do If You Forget Purchasing Travel Insurance

Ideally, travel insurance should be purchased at the same time as you buy your travel tickets and book your accommodation. This way you will be covered for any cancellations that occur and will not have to worry about any disasters which could unfold that will see you lose a lot of money. However many people forget to purchase travel insurance amidst the excitement of preparing their holiday.

Fortunately, all is not lost.

It is true that many companies will insist that you purchase your insurance policy whilst you are actually in your country of residence. There are strict rules on this, and if you pretend to be at home when you purchase the policy and then end up making a claim, there is a good chance that it will be denied. However, some policies exist that allow you to purchase insurance from wherever you are if forget to buy in your home country. These are not common, and are only provided by a very few select insurance providers.

Renewing A Policy

Do not confuse purchasing a policy whilst abroad with renewing your policy, as these are two very different things. Many providers allow you to renew your policy if the cover is coming to the end and you want to increase the length of your stay, perhaps as a result of a change of plans, and this can quite easily be arranged through a quick phone call.

However, when renewing a policy you should not wait until it has come to the end as you will then have to purchase a new policy entirely. A few companies, including American Express will allow you to purchase a new policy from abroad if you have come to the end of your current policy. However, most companies will stipulate that they will only do this once, and it should not therefore be considered an effective means of purchasing insurance from abroad.

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