Covering the pitfalls of Niagara Falls

niagara falls travel insuranceAs the proud largest falls in the world, Niagara Falls will offer you such a majestic view unforgettable for life! The Niagara Falls consists of three sections. The large Canadian falls – with their distinctive curved shape – are also known as the Horseshoe Falls. They are separated by Goat Island from the American Falls, which are separated by a small island at their south end, from the narrow Bridal Veil falls. Each side of the falls offers a different perspective, and it is always best to visit both sides to maximize your experience. Be sure that you protect yourself with the right travel insurance  when visiting this grand yet potentially hazardous falls.

There are several tours that you can book to ensure maximum enjoyment of your Niagara Falls viewing experience. The Niagara Falls Walking Tour will feature the humorous history of the region while trekking through the thunderous cascades of water. Your tour guide is a trained stand-up comic so be prepared to laugh your head off! Careful though, as laughing to hard around this slippery region might just result in unfortunate accidents, injuries, or even death! Purchase the right travel insurance cover to give yourself a peace of mind. Meanwhile, if you choose the more luxurious Magic Mist Limousine tour, you might enjoy the grandiose of the falls from the convenience of a limousine. In that case, perhaps you just need a basic loss-of-valuables cover in case you leave your wallet or phone in the limo and lose them in the end!

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