Covering the Grounds for Business Travel Insurance


Business travel insurance, or corporate insurance as it is sometimes known as, comes in different forms.

Some providers will offer it as an entirely separate type of policy, while other companies will offer it as an added extra when you are purchasing a single trip or multiple trip policy, and the premium will be raised accordingly.

Note, however, that even when it is offered as a separate type of cover, it is usually just made up of the standard policy with the added extras on top.


Business insurance can vary considerably from company to company. Whereas some will offer no end of additional cover options, some will simply offer a very basic policy that will cover for no more than business equipment. Always check exactly what is covered, as simply adding on business cover may not actually guarantee you many added benefits.

The levels of cover may also vary considerably. This is important to consider when taking expensive company equipment, as some providers may not cover you to the level that you require.

Main benefits

Work equipment Cover for work equipment is standard on most policies. However, it is worth noting that all insurance companies will state a maximum limit per item.

Work money If taking any money on the trip, then it is one of the things most likely to get stolen or misplaced.

Replacement personnel This cover means that you will be covered for the cost of a business colleague to be flown out to attend the specific event to replace another sick employer.

Other benefits

Equipment hire (Delayed business equipment) This covers the hire of equipment in the country you are visiting if your own equipment is lost or stolen.

Emergency courier of left-behind equipment (Delayed business samples, charts, paperworks, etc)

Personal accident cover

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