The cost of canceling your trip last minute without travel insurance

Cautionary tales on travelling gone wrong without insurance are widely available online. Whether it is forgetting the cover for cancellation, emergencies, loss of valuables, or anything else – there is a hefty price to pay when you face misfortune along the way.

travelinsurance-cancelation                  James is a twenty-eight-year-old man who just got engaged to his long-term girlfriend. As Christmas was approaching, they planned to take a cruise down the Caribbean. Everything was researched, booked and purchased early. The plan, was flawless – or so they thought. And what’s missing? Yes you got it correct, a complete travel insurance package which will cover cancellation. They were young, healthy, and strong – they thought nothing could stop them from taking the cruise. Just days away from the dream holiday however, James was plagued with something resembling abdominal migraines, characterised by constant headaches and abdominal pain that would paralyze him several hours at a time. He had a team of specialists working on him and they are working through trial and error to figure out some meds that will help him out. It could be weeks before he starts to feel any positive effects from the meds.

Had James purchased complete travel insurance online, it would have only cost him about USD 85 for each person. But cancellation last minutes had cost them almost a thousand, in addition to his medical bills. James’s story teaches the lesson that no matter how fit and young you think you are, nobody is invincible. It is definitely wiser to protect yourself with affordable, yet reliable travel insurance package researched and purchased online before embarking on any trip. Be sure to read all the fine prints before making your payment!

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