Buy that peace of mind while travelling with your family

Cancelled flights and lost luggage are always going to be an unwelcome event during any trip.  Much more so if you are travelling with your family. Can you imagine how much inconvenient it can get? It is therefore important to ensure that your family holiday is covered by a suitable family travel insurance policy before you set off.

When looking for travel insurance for you and your family you may be better off financially considering a policy that is designed to cover the family as a whole group. Cheap family travel insurance can cover your group for less than it would cost to insure individuals. But if you still want to insure yourself separately, many policies can register you under double insurance – one as single traveller and one as part of your family travel insurance.

In addition to this, many providers include extras in a family travel insurance policy such as additional baggage cover, search and rescue guarantee, and extra accommodation costs. Granted there are many benefits you will get from booking a family holiday insurance policy.

Who is covered by a family holiday insurance policy?

Generally speaking a family is defined as two adults and up to four children under the age of 18. It is always worth checking your travel insurance package clearly as there may be other restrictions on your age, whether you are living at the same address or whether you are a single parent family.

It is worth considering whether to take single trip or multi trip cover. An annual family travel insurance policy is definitely cheaper if you are planning to take your family on multiple vacation trips throughout the year!

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