Be safe while discovering Indonesia

Indonesia is dubbed as “The Sleeping Giant of Southeast Asia” for a really good reason. Spanning over almost 2 million square kilometres worth of over than thirteen thousand island, boasting a massive population of 230 millions consisting of as many as 3000 different ethnic groups – Indonesia stores a wealth of potential in terms of natural and cultural riches. It is easily the largest archipelago in the world and the most naturally-endowed country in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, poor government mismanagement and heavy culture of corruption leave huge income gaps and unequal development in its wake. Racial and political riots add colour to its bloodied historical pages, and occasional strikes of force majeure such as tsunami and volcanic eruption establish the nation as one of the most dangerous place to travel in Asia Pacific. Buying travel insurance is extremely crucial when you decide to travel to Indonesia.

Perhaps what you are looking for is simple medical cover coupled with loss of valuables cover when it comes to travelling to Jakarta. The harsh, metropolitan city is rife with accident-and-crime-prone traffic and messy circuits of jammed roads. You may also want to purchase a death-insurance cover upon visiting its large complex of famous amusement park, Dunia Fantasi – which is generally safe on normal days – though minor cases of faulty seat-belt in roller-coaster rides resulting in brains exploding on the ground are not unheard of. If you are choosing Bali as your destination, you might want to purchase extra cover to protect your water sport activities such as diving and surfing. A venture beyond the island of Java and Bali will expose you to the largely under-developed rural areas of Indonesia, where people still live on average of USD 2 per day. At this parts of Indonesia, medical and evacuation insurances are even more imperative to ensure that you will be promptly flown to and treated at the nearest medical centre should any misfortune befalls you in the middle of an isolated Kalimantan village.

All in all, visiting Indonesia is a wonderful experience steeped in natural wonders and cultural extravaganza. Just be sure to insure yourself against any danger with the right travel insurance package.

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