7 Places in the World you would want Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can make a holiday experience one to remember, rather than one you’d rather forget. Whether you’re looking for a way to cover the cost of your flights or are concerned about medical treatment abroad, talk to your travel agent about the best travel insurance options for you. If you’re planning your next holiday to any of these captivating destinations, don’t delay another minute in organising your travel insurance!

Bali, Indonesia

While it may be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, I would highly recommend that all holidaymakers take out travel insurance, before departing for Bali. Adventure sports are a popular pastime in Bali and the islands hospitals are a little less than perfect – not a good combination, if you ask me! While I would definitely recommend joining in the white water raftering fun or taking an adrenaline pumped ATV jungle ride, it is always a good idea to make sure that you’re covered.

Phuket, Thailand

If you’ve got the urge to hire a scooter and zip through the streets, as the locals do, you would be silly not to have travel insurance. Experiencing the breathtaking sites of Phuket, on two wheels, can be the adventure of a lifetime – or a nightmare you’d rather forget, should you end up in hospital without travel insurance.

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas got the name of ‘Sin City’ for a reason, which I think is a good excuse as any to get travel insurance, considering the partying and sinning you’ll be doing during this little getaway. While the hospitals in the US are of great quality, you may find it virtually impossible (or incredibly expensive) to see a doctor, without having travel insurance. Drunken nights and nonstop dancing can lead to some unfavourable injuries, so take the safe option and get insurance before you leave.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The party capital of Europe, Amsterdam sure has a reputation for causing some out of character behaviour and unruly mischief. If you’re heading to Amsterdam for the party of a lifetime, be sure that you remember it for all the right reasons, by taking out travel insurance before you go. If you want to find flights to Amsterdam, be sure to ask your travel agent about great holiday packages that include travel insurance.

Mexico, Central America

This popular tourist destination attracts all kinds of colourful characters, from all walks of life. While Mexico is generally a safe place to travel, venturing off the beaten track could lead you in hot water. Being stuck in Mexico with no money and no transportation is not my idea of a dream holiday, so I’d recommend covering yourself, should the worst happen.

Rwanda, Uganda

The beautiful landscape of Rwanda attracts thousands of international visitors each year, all hoping to get a glimpse of the spectacular wildlife on display. While the African safari plains may be captivating, it is important to remember that you are travelling to a third world country. Consuming foreign foods and drinking water that’s not quite what you’re used to could ultimately lead to a trip to the hospital. Enjoy your Rwandan adventure and stay safe during your holiday with travel insurance.

London, United Kingdom

While it may not be generally unsafe, flights to London can be incredibly expensive, depending upon your departure destination. Many travel insurance options cover the cost of airfares, should your flight be cancelled. If you don’t want to be out of pocket and stranded in a foreign country, I’d definitely suggest getting travel insurance for this overseas holiday. A popular location for tourists to visit while in the UK is Manchester. Popular in tourism be sure when you book Manchester flights that you include all insurances as this can be a popular location for pick pockets.


Whether you’re travelling to the unknown lands of Rwanda or planning an island escape to Bali, you should always consider travel insurance for any international holidays.

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