Worried about pricey travelling cost? You can easily get away with budget trip by choosing your destination and plan your itinerary carefully. Hence, those extra bucks you have saved could be used for purchasing the best travel insurance deals to secure your travel experience! Here are the five value destinations worldwide that are totally worth your money.

  1. Bangladesh

It has long been denied the attention it truly deserves. Possibly one of the cheapest places to travel on earth, Bangladesh offers you plenty of options to get under-one-dollar meals and accommodation for less than ten dollar. Trekking, canoeing, paddle-boating, and visiting wildlife reserves all can be done at very cheap prices!

  1. Nicaragua

While its Central American neighbours have been inflating their prices due to increasing influx of foreign tourists, Nicaragua is still very much affordable where an average tourist might spend only below USD 15 per day. And in exchange, the value that you get will far exceed the amount that you pay. Be it sleeping on hammocks on the unspoilt Corn Island, enjoying live music in the colonial Leon and Granada, or volcano trekking on the Isla de Ometepe… you will be spoilt with choices offered at very affordable prices!

  1. Washington DC

Lincoln Memorial: free. National Air and Space Museum: free. Capitol: free. Library of Congress: free. White House and State Department: tough to get in, but free. Get the picture? The city is jammed with iconic buildings and tourist-friendly amenities subsidised by the government. If you are willing to survive on packed lunch, you might as well spend days exploring the rich history and culture of America almost free of charge!

  1. Paris

Perhaps you might think anyone calling Paris cheap as crazy, but in a city as beautiful and as romantic as this, there really is no need to spend big bucks to enjoy its charm. Just buy some cheap street food or a few pieces of bread and cheese at a local market and have a picnic along the Seine river, watching how average Parisians spend their evenings. Really, it’s all you need to have fun! As a country with long-standing culinary tradition, almost all types of meal you purchase in Paris will be prepared with care and high standard, even the cheap ones!

  1. Namibia

It is as if Namibia is specially set-up for backpackers. An excellent network of local minibuses and tours will transport the budget travellers to go to places public transport won’t take them. If one is careful with one spending, it is not impossible to spend less than USD 40 a day. Admission to popular tourist destinations such as the Cape Cross Seal Reserve is usually pegged at below USD 5!

You see then that with careful planning you will be able to enjoy your travel at very cheap prices, and afford to purchase reliable insurance which will make your journey proceed even more smoothly.

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